What is VROC?

classroom videoconference imageVirtual Researcher On Call (VROC) is an educational program, powered by Partners In Research Canada, that uses online video conferencing software, supplied and supported by VROC, to connect K-12 classrooms with college and university professors and professionals in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Expert biographies and areas of specialization are entered into our online directory, ExpertBook. Participating teachers can search this directory using key word(s) and contact experts via email to pre-arrange a video call. There are over 350 experts listed in ExpertBook, from institutions across Canada. VROC connections can take place in English or French.

ExpertBook BannerVROC is free-of-charge for publicly funded schools across Canada. Independent/International schools should fill out the online sign-up form or email vrocpc@pirweb.org to inquire about participating at no cost.

Not sure how to begin? Check out our Getting Started Guide and other support resources to see the steps involved in getting set up with VROC. Ready to get started?

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What are people saying about VROC?

“Dr. Skerjanc was an amazing partner for our class. She not only shared her work and experience in biochemistry but mentored and became a role model for the students.”
– Brandon Zoras, Toronto District School Board

“I had a great time with Brandon’s class. They were very interested in what I had to say and asked a lot of questions. I felt that if I can reach a high school teacher with what I’m doing, then this can get passed on to many students over the years.”
– Dr. Ilona Skerjanc, University of Ottawa

“VROC provided a real life, positive experience for my students and it allowed them to see the application of the chemistry we were studying in class to today’s society. It also exposed them to facets of post-secondary life and allowed them to peek through the door that they’re about to walk through when they are finished high school.”
– Craig Orieux, Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board

“I have found the VROC program to be especially rewarding. The students are keenly interested in science and I have the opportunity to highlight some of our ongoing work, as well as new research results from the rest of the world. I continue to be impressed with the probing questions they ask.The fact that we hook up via the internet means that we can communicate no matter which continent I am on!”
– Dr. John Smol, Queen’s University

“VROC has provided me with an outlet to share my passion for research and science with children and youth, and my hope is that in some small way it inspires our future leaders to consider a career in science. It is in this way that the VROC program is symbiotic and mutually beneficial. I strongly believe in the VROC mandate and will continue to support the program to ensure our science and research base remains competitive and among the best in the world.”
– Dr. Nick Bellissimo, Ryerson University