Engineering Ambassador Award Dr. Hoda ElMaraghy
Hoda ElMaraghy, Professor of Industrial & Maufacturing Systems Engineering, at the University of Windsor, and recipient of the Engineering Ambassador Award. As Dean of Engineering, she played a major role in establishing the University of Windsor / Chrysler Canada Automotive R&D Center. Hoda ElMaraghy is honoured as a Canadian role model in applied science.
Biomedical Science Ambassador Award Dr. Frank Plummer
Dr. Frank Plummer from the Public Health Agency of Canada and the University of Manitoba, recipient of the Biomedical Science Ambassador Award. Dr. Plummer is recognized in Canada and abroad for his work in public health and science, including recognition from the Royal Society of Canada for his distinguished achievement in medical science (the McLaughlin Medal), his investiture in the Order of Manitoba, appointment as Officer to the Order of Canada and induction into the Royal Society of Canada.
Science Ambassador Award Dr. Jeremy McNeil
Professor Jeremy McNeil, Helen I Battle Professor at Western University, and recipient of the Science Ambassador Award. Professor Jeremy McNeil has received a number of national and international awards for his research, including the Gold Medal from the Entomological Society of Canada, the Fry Medal of the Canadian Society of Zoologists, a Humboldt Prize and the Silver Medal of the International Society of Chemical Ecology. He has been active in scientific outreach for over 30 years, regularly giving talks in schools, libraries, and nature clubs.
Technology Ambassador Award Dr. Alex Ferworn
Alex Ferworn, Professor at Ryerson University and recipient of the Technology Ambassador Award. Alex Ferworn has a broad range of research interests related to Computational Public Safety that inevitably have something to do with dogs and/or robots working in rubble. Working extensively with Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) teams in Canada and the United States he seeks to address the needs of emergency First Responders working in difficult environments. He is also recognized for his exceptional ability to communicate complex ideas to a general audience in compelling ways.  
Mathematics Ambassador Award Dr. Lynda Colgan
Dr. Lynda Colgan, Associate Professor and Director at Queen’s Community Outreach Centre, Queen’s University, and recipient of the Mathematics Ambassador Award. The common denominator throughout Dr. Colgan’s career has been her mission to dispel the myth that math is the bad guy! Her life goal is to show as many people as possible that math is everywhere…in flowers and snowflakes, music and dance, wallpaper and floor tiles, Morse Code and Braille, thumbs and feet; and, to convince those same people that math is the most interesting, engaging and important subject in the universe.
Ronald G. Calhoun Science Ambassador Award Mrs. Janice Filmon
Mrs. Janice Filmon, Chair, CancerCare Manitoba, and recipient of the Ronald G. Calhoun Science Ambassador Award that recognizes a member of the community who has provided outstanding leadership over several years in support of health research. Mrs. Janice Filmon has devoted countless hours over the past 25 years to speaking, chairing and leading many campaigns and events including the capital campaign that founded the current CancerCare Manitoba Centre.
Partners In Research (VROC) Participation Award Dr. Craig Merrett and Dr. Brian Dixon


Dr. Craig Merrett, Assistant Professor from Carleton University, and co-recipient of the VROC Expert Participation Award that recognizes an outstanding VROC expert that has selflessly volunteered their time to inspire students through the VROC program. For the last two years, Dr. Craig Merrett has been heavily involved in the VROC program, including his involvement as a VROC Expert at Summer STEM Camp last year.








Dr. Brian Dixon, professor and Canada Research Chair at the University of Waterloo, and co-recipient of the VROC Expert Participation Award. Brian Dixon is also a longtime VROC participant, known for always making himself available for classroom connections and even assisting in demonstrating how VROC works to teachers.